About NineTech

About NineTech

NineTech is a cutting-edge tech recruitment firm founded by close friends Jack and Louis. With a decade of industry experience, Jack and Louis provide end-to-end solutions for technical businesses across various functions, specialising in Sales, Engineering, Infrastructure, and Product. Committed to giving back, Nine Tech aims to create positive change in the Manchester community and the wider industry.

Our services

The verticals we cover

Our experience has enabled us to understand the specific needs of each technical role, allowing us to source and access candidates with precision.

We have an extensive network of top-tier professionals across the tech industry. Through the years, we have developed deep connections and have access to a vast pool of talented individuals who have the skills and expertise our clients are looking for. Our in-depth knowledge of the tech sector positions NineTech as industry experts.



Offering a wide range of solutions, including exclusive and contingent search, we help you find your next permanent hire. Through extensive networks, market leading data and specialist knowledge we will improve your time to hire and secure your next team member!


Whether it’s a specific skill shortage within your team or large project work requires SoW knowledge, our team has the understanding and experience to cater to your needs. Providing best-in-class contractor care around payroll and time sheets, we ensure a smooth process for all our contractors and clients.

NineTech Bench Services

As well as our traditional contract offering NineTech has freelancers assigned to a bench who are available for assignments within 24 hours. Alternatively, we can provide a breakdown of our bench resources allowing you to plan for any projects that you have upcoming. This allows you to ensure you have the right resources booked before any important project. All bench resources have worked through NineTech consultants before.


Our bespoke-agile methodology derives from classic executive search. Ideal for executive roles, mission-critical hires, or projects with large vacancy volume. With a hire almost guaranteed, this will not only secure you the first hire but the best hire for the business.


NineTech-as-a-Service provides businesses with a premium service, and access to several tools to improve the hiring process. We have a dedicated resource team, an account manager, and talent mapping tools.

Our sectors

We offer end-to-end solutions for technical businesses.